Kyle Bragger builds Thoughtful Products.

I'm currently working on Thoughtful Products, a small product studio. More about that soon. Previously, I was co-founder of Exposure, the best photography publishing tool around. Before that, I built a small but vibrant community of developers and designers called Forrst and a tech gigs mailing list called Tinyproj.

My best work


Co-founder, 2013–2017

Exposure is a photography storytelling CMS powering sites for some of the coolest people & brands on the web.


Founder, 2009–2012

Forrst was a community for developers and designers built around the notion that a better place for thoughtful feedback should exist on the web.


Creator, ca. 2011

Tinyproj was a 10,000-strong, once-a-week mailing list for select, short-term development and design gigs.

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